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Pilot Experience

Rich Jaworski has flown over 2,500 hours in his 40 years as an active hot air balloon pilot and shared the joy of ballooning with over 3,500 passengers of all ages.

Through ballooning activities he has raised over $350,000 in donations for charities and community organizations.

Honors and Achievements:

  • World Record Holder, AX-4 & AX-5 Duration, 23 hours 11 minutes and AX-4 Distance, 250 miles.
  • Montgolfier Diploma Honoree–2007 World’s Most Significant Hot Air Balloon Flight.
  • Captain of the 2001 U.S. National Hot Air Balloon Team Championship team.
  • Balloon Federation of America Long Jump Winner, AX-7, 1997 & 2000. Greatest distance ever achieved in an AX-7, 333 miles.
  • Winner of the National Balloon Classic in Indianola, IA, 1989 & 1991.
  • BFA Distinguished Aeronaut.
  • President of the Nebraska Balloon Club.

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