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Ride Information

When: Flights are by appointment only and may be scheduled for sunrise or two hours before sunset, seven days a week, year round.

Where: Omaha area flights are usually made over the Platte or Elkhorn River valleys. These areas offer wildlife observation opportunities. Other flight venues include flights with other balloons, or an area of your choice, i.e., your farm or community.

Duration: The actual flight time is about an hour from launch to landing. The entire flight experience, from the start of the inflation when you arrive at the launch site, followed by the flight, the post flight ceremony, and returning you to the launch site, is almost three hours.

Cost: Fares for one-hour flights in the Omaha area are: One Passenger ($250); Two ($450); Three ($600); and Four ($750). No deposit or payment is required until the flight is completed. Through 40 years of ballooning experience we know that safety decisions on weather are less stressful for the customer and the pilot if no payment is made until after the flight is completed.

Gift Certificate: For a gift, we provide a personalized gift certificate folder for you to present at the time of the occasion. The flight can be actually scheduled at any time. The gift folder has a picture of the balloon and a certificate to the recipient(s) conveying the occasion for the gift, gift presenter name(s) and a personal greeting. Because we don't take any money until the flight is over, the certificate is a freebie for you and still imparts no obligation if the one gifted doesn't want to make the flight.

How to Make A Reservation: Call or E-Mail us. Through follow-up emails and phone calls we coordinate flight logistics and provide directions to the launch site.

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