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Balloon Services

Tethered Balloon Flights

If there are more than four passengers to fly for an event, a tethered flight may be more practical. A tethered balloon is restrained by lines from flying away. If weather permits, Euphoria can carry two to four passengers to about 75 feet above the launch surface and return to exchange passengers for multiple subsequent tethered flights. Euphoria has over 170 hours of experience in making tethered flights for festivals, fairs, and fundraisers. We have flown church and youth groups, kids of all ages at grand openings, corporate picnics, and community events.

Commercial Advertising

Looking for a unique way to carry your message to the customer or attract customers to your business? A bannered balloon is a flying billboard which brings excitement and attracts attention. Euphoria has commercial ballooning experience and expertise in dealing with many business products and services.

Group Presentations

With the wide variety of experiences from 40 years in ballooning, Rich Jaworski is prepared to make interesting, informative, and entertaining meeting presentations on the many aspects of ballooning for civic, social, and other organizations as well as youth, camp, and school groups.
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